Remember Batter Blaster, the organic pancake and waffle mix in the spray can? It seemed like a silly invention because making pancake batter is so easy. Now there’s Spray Cake, organic cake batter in an aerosol can. Spray Cake was developed by Harvard student John McCallum as a class project. It took first prize at the Harvard Innovation Challenge, and now there’s a chance that it will be available in stores soon.

McCallum and his business partner, Brooke Nowakowski, are trying to patent Spray Cake, and they hope to market it. The ingredients in Spray Cake are the same as the ingredients in a box cake, but there is no baking soda or baking powder because the aerosol can pumps out batter that is already raised. That also makes the baking time super fast, and it bakes in the microwave in about a minute. 

The mouth feel of the cake is supposed to be the same as a cake that comes from the oven, but I’d have to try it to believe it. There are very few things that come out of a microwave that are the same texture quality as something from the oven or stove top.

I like that McCallum was innovative and created something new. I really like that the cake is organic. The idea that you can spray out enough for one cupcake and put the can back in the refrigerator to use another day is appealing, too.

It will also be interesting to see how else this technology can be used. Since it makes the cake rise instantly, can it be used for bread, too?

Still, I think I’ll be making my cakes from scratch. First of all, I don’t have a microwave. Secondly, I make really great cakes. Finally, I don’t want to have the can to throw away. I’m curious to try Spray Cake, though, and see just what it tastes like. How about you?

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Harvard students create Spray Cake, organic instant cake
In about one minute, you can now bake an organic cake in the microwave.