I shared a couple months ago why I am attempting to grow a garden again, despite past failures, and I am actually really happy so far with the results! I am definitely learning a lot as I go, but I am actually producing food from it, which is encouraging.

But by far the easiest thing I’ve grown is my potted mint plant. I choose chocolate mint, for it’s subtle chocolate under notes and it makes an excellent hot and iced herbal tea. It has really taken off, and I should have chosen one pot up in size for it as it very quickly filled my clay pot!

For someone who doesn’t have a green thumb, it’s just so gratifying to see any plant thriving under my care. Mint really does grow like a weed! So for fellow black thumbers, I thought I would share how fun it is to grow mint. It is one of those plants that give you courage to keep trying, and if you like mint as I do, it also offers a lot of culinary fun as well.

Recipes that use fresh mint:

Here are a few resources for growing mint:
  • Better Homes and Garden has a very helpful guide for growing mint. 
  • Organic Gardening has one as well.
  • This slideshow has pictures of many different types of mints (and fellow herbs) with descriptions of the plant. 

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Have a black thumb? Grow mint (plus recipes that use fresh mint)
Growing mint is very easy, so it’s great for the beginner gardener or for growing with children.