A friend of mine recently mentioned that her brother was getting married and was going to have a hipster wedding. I asked her if that meant there would be Mason jars used in all sorts of ways and she laughed and said, “yes.”

Mason jars, I’m sure you have noticed, have come out of our grandparents’ dusty basements and now show up everywhere. For the longest time, they were mostly used for preserving food or drinking from. Now they’re used decoratively, as storage, as soap dispensers, candle holders, travel mugs, and so much more. They’re so hip, that 7-Eleven created plastic Mason jar Slurpee cups, complete with mustache straws.

The New York Times recently did a feature on Mason Jars, stating that the sales of the popular Ball brand of Mason Jars have doubled over the past 10 years and gone up 25 percent in the past two years. The healthy food movement and food preservation

In my home, I use Mason jars for food preservation and storage, certainly, but they’re also used for all sorts of storage and organization. They've spread from my kitchen to other areas of the house. In the bathroom on my main floor, I have Mason jars filled with Q-tips and floss sticks that are in the open so guests can use them if they wish. In my master bathroom, I have them in a drawer and they organize things like tweezers, eyeliners, and barrettes. In the cabinet that holds my special entertaining items, Mason jars hold my wine glass charms, my outdoor tablecloth weights, and special small knives and spoons I keep to use on cheese plates.

Mason jars are durable, affordable and so versatile that a whole industry has popped up around creating accessories for them. There are Mason jar add-ons that you can buy to turn a jar into a French press, a lunchbox, and a less spillable, travel drinking glass. The DIY craft ideas I see for Mason Jars on Pinterest seem endless, although I’m not much of a crafter.

I’ve seen some Mason jar backlash lately. Some people are tired of seeing them everywhere, but I think it’s a silly thing to complain about.

Do you use Mason jars in your home? Are you a traditionalist who just uses them for food or have they spread from the kitchen into other rooms in your home?

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Have Mason jars spread from your kitchen into the rest of your home?
The durable, affordable jars are great for storage and organization. How do you use them?