I’m perusing through the community adult school pamphlet that arrived in the mail last week. Have you ever looked through one of these pamphlets? There are all sorts of inexpensive classes available in art, health, languages, finances, technology, and the two categories that catch my eye – gardening and food.

Here are just a few courses that are available to me:

  • Gardening: flowering trees and shrubs for your home landscape
  • Gardening: the fragrant garden
  • Slice of cheese (learning how to put together a cheese platter)
  • Beer and cheese combo (sampling pairings) I’m thinking of signing up for this one
  • Introduction to white wine
In the past I’ve seen courses for seasonal cooking and cooking basics listed in the adult school course pamphlet.

These courses that are held once a week for only a few weeks are a great way to learn something new. You also get a chance to meet people who live in your community with common interests.

If your community doesn’t have an adult school, check with neighboring communities. Most of these schools allow non-residents to attend, too. In fact, my town’s school only charges an additional $1 per class to non-residents.

The spring semester for most adult schools are beginning in the next week or two so look into it soon. (Doesn’t that sound wonderful and warm? Spring semester!)


Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Heading back to adult school
Get out and learn something new about gardening or cooking. Classes might be closer than you think.