When I make homemade whipped cream, I've always used whipping cream because it says “whipping” on the container. Today at the store, there was no whipping cream available, only regular heavy cream so I bought that. 

You can make whipped cream from either, but it got me wondering. What’s the difference between the two? 

According to Joy of Baking, whipping cream has a butterfat content of 30 percent. Heavy cream has a butterfat content of 36-40 percent. You can also find cream labeled heavy whipping cream, but it’s the same as heavy cream.

Which one is better to use? Both whip up nicely and taste good. But, if you use a higher fat content cream to create whipped cream, the whipped cream will hold its consistency longer.

When I make whipped cream from whipping cream, it starts to go flat the next day. It gets a little watery, too. Using heavy cream, with a higher butterfat content, will keep the whipped cream from turning back into liquid so quickly. 

So, is one better than the other? It depends on your preference. Whipped cream made with whipping cream will be lighter and fluffier and a little easier to spoon on to desserts. Whipped cream made with heavy cream will be denser and richer. It will also, as already mentioned, keep it’s texture and consistency longer. 

Do you have a preference between the two when you make whipped cream?

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Heavy cream vs. whipping cream: What's the difference?
You can use them both to make whipped cream, but is one better than the other?