The bee population has been endangered for several years now as colony collapse disorder, likely produced by pesticide use, continues to kill off honeybees each year. Without enough bees, our food supply will be in danger because one out of every three bites of food comes from plants that need to be pollinated by bees.

I just donated $.50 to The Xerces Society to increase bee habitat by planting native wildflowers across the country. No cash changed hands. I made the donation by uploading a photo of my cat to Cascadian Farm’s Bee Friendlier website. Then I used the Bee Booth to add some bee hair and a bee mustache to her cute little face. When I shared the photo on Twitter, Cascadian Farm made the donation on my behalf. You don't have to use a cat photo; you can use any photo you want to create your "Selfbee." You can see my brilliant, keyboard-playing kitty below.

The organic food company is giving consumers a chance to make donations through the Bee Booth or by redeeming codes found on packages of Cascadian Farm products. Consumers get to pick where their $.50 goes by choosing one of three actions:

  • Plant wildflowers: The Xerces Society will use these donations to increase bee habitat by planting native wildflowers across the country.
  • Support Research: The University of Minnesota Bee Lab will use these proceeds to conduct cutting-edge research promoting the health of bees and other pollinators.
  • Train and educate: The Xerces Society will use these contributions to amplify its robust pollinator training and education program for farmers, gardeners, government officials and businesses.
Cascadian Farm will donate up to $150,000 for every code redeemed between now and Dec. 31, 2014.

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Help Cascadian Farm 'Bee Friendlier' to pollinators
Donating money to help the bees is as easy as adding a mustache to your cat's (or your friend's) photo.