My friend Daniel Stephens is a super-skilled writer, filmmaker, cinematographer, computer scientist, and entrepreneur who lives just a couple of hours up the coast from me in Rockport, Maine. I first met Daniel through my buddy John Rooks (another all-around creative superman) and worked with him last summer on an indie movie shot and produced around Rockport (he was the producer/cinematographer, and I ran their social media).


I am really excited about his latest project, "Tuberville the Series." Stephens teamed up to write this one with his partner Mark Booker, a talented actor who also wears a producer hat in addition to playing Russ Murphy, the citified bank teller who struggles to fit into small-town Maine culture after he inherits a potato farm from his grandfather. Booked is joined by the talented Giselle Brasseur, Nic Roewert, Allison Byrnes and Susan Traylor while Stephens is helped out behind the lens by producer, director and writer Anelisa Garfunkel and producer Ralph Perkins.


Besides being a great show, "Tuberville" has the added bonus of helping to support a fantastic organization that shares a name with the series. Tuberville the Organization is a nonprofit started in 2004 that works to encourage farms to set aside a few acres of land to harvest for local food banks. It's a wonderful concept that promotes local food and puts food on people's tables. Right now Tuberville farms are found in Maine and Vermont but Stephens and Booker are hoping to help raise awareness of the concept to help it spread nationwide. No one should ever go hungry.


Daniel, Mark and the rest of the "Tuberville" crew are raising money on Kickstarter to complete the last two episodes of the six-episode season. The first four episodes have been produced and made available, the fourth has been shot but is yet to be released, and the last two are written and waiting to be shot. Each episode costs $16,000, which is the goal of their Kickstarter project. If you are the project-supporting type and would like to help a great group of people and an amazing organization, click over and drop them some love.


You can see the first three episodes of "Tuberville the Series" here.


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Help Kickstart Daniel Stephen's 'Tuberville the Series' and support local food and food banks
"Tuberville the Series" tells the story of a newcomer to a small-town Maine potato farm and helps spread the word about an organization that connects farmers wi