Leanne Brown is close to reaching her goal of raising $80,000 on Kickstarter, but the more she raises the more she can help those on SNAP budgets and others who have limited food budgets eat healthy. The recipes in her book are low on expensive meats and high on plant-based proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables for a well balanced diet on the smallest of budgets, and she wants everyone to have access to the recipes.

Brown originally created the book “Good and Cheap” as a project for her MA in Food Studies at New York University. She posted a free PDF of the book on her website Leann Brown, and it went viral with 100,000 downloads in the first few weeks.

When she wrote the book, Brown had SNAP recipients in mind, those who live on what were formerly known as food stamps. Not everyone who is eligible for food stamps has a device that can download the PDF, though. So, she’s putting the book into print, and that’s where the Good and Cheap: Eating Well on $4 a Day Kickstarter campaign comes in. It’s a get one, give one campaign so those who fund the campaign can receive a copy and get another copy into the hands of someone who needs it.

The more money she raises, the more physical copies of “Good and Cheap” she can have printed for those who can't afford to buy their own copy. Her original goal was $10,000, but since the campaign started on June 4, she’s blown past that goal. She’s now hoping for $80,000, and it’s not an impossible goal. Brown has received over $77,500 in pledges so far. She says if the campaign reaches the $80,000 goal 13,000 copies total will be available to non-profits at $4 a piece, plus shipping (in addition to the nearly 3,600+ donated copies so far).

The Good and Cheap Kickstarter campaign runs through July 13, 2014, so there’s a chance that she can breeze past $80,000, ensuring that this important book gets into the hands of even more people who can benefit from it.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Help others eat well on $4 a day by donating to Good and Cheap on Kickstarter
Leanne Brown is giving away free PDFs of a book that helps SNAP recipients eat healthy, and she’s crowd raising funds to put it in print for those in need.