I have shared the very simple process of cold brewing coffee here. All that is really needed is a Mason jar, a sieve and cheesecloth. However, there are a couple of tools that you may find make the process even easier. And I am all for that!

I’ll start with the item I found the most appealing.

Hario Mizudashi coffee maker The glass Hario Mizudashi coffee pot has a permanent filter. (Photo: Amazon)

This Hario Mizudashi cold brew coffee pot is glass with a permanent filter. It has a small footprint so fits in the refrigerator well. And, I just happen to like how it looks too! Lovely enough to serve from with grace.

Bodum Brazil French press coffee maker You can use a French press, like this Bodum model, to make cold brew. (Photo: Amazon)

I have also used my Bodum French press to make cold brew with great success, and do find it easier than my mason jar method. My French press is used for making (what do you know) French press coffee, but also tea, and cold brewed tea. It’s a great all purpose kitchen item.

toddy cold-brewed system The Toddy system uses regular coffee beans. (Photo: Amazon)

Some relatives have used the classic Toddy system for years and years and love it. It is functional and easy to use and I also think it is easier to make larger amounts with it. However, it’s also not as pretty as some of the other options.

yama cold drip maker The Yama is as lovely as it is functional. (Photo: Amazon)

If money isn’t a problem, then this Yama cold drip coffee maker not only makes a great coffee, but it is also a kind of mad scientist art piece. Certainly something to help get the conversation going during dinner parties!

Those are some of the kitchen items I have found that can help you make great cold brew coffee. Do you enjoy cold brew? If so, how do you make it?

Helpful tools for making cold brew coffee
Cold brew coffee can be made as frugally or as artistically as you want!