This is the first time this thought has crossed my mind, but I wonder what will happen to the White House Kitchen garden if Mitt Romney becomes president next year. If that happens, I hope he sees the value and importance of the garden. While we’re all wondering if President Obama will get four more years, I’m now also wondering if the Kitchen Garden will get four more years.


The White House has released a new video that chronicles the Obama-planted White House Kitchen Garden from its inception to this year’s White House Garden tours. Michelle Obama is not doing her traditional public harvest where she invites children from local schools to help this fall. She is on the campaign trail with President Obama. The Kitchen Garden, along with other gardens on the grounds, have been opened this fall for public tours, though.


The following video is over 48 minutes long, and its not one of the White Houses more polished efforts. But, there is a wealth of information about the current Kitchen Garden as well as gardening at the White House throughout its history.



I had the honor of going on a special tour of the White House Kitchen Garden and witnessing the fall harvest that the first lady participated in last year when I and 16 other Tweeters went to the White House. I got to see first hand the good work that is done there, and I’m now hoping that four years from now, there will be another video that chronicles the work done there, no matter who ends up in the Oval Office. 


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History of the White House Kitchen Garden, so far
The White House has released a video that chronicles the Kitchen Garden’s first four years. Will it get another four years?