When I was a kid, I always knew that when we had company for a holiday meal, there would be a box of foil-wrapped, after-dinner thin mints brought out with the coffee. I didn’t get why the adults were so crazy about coffee, but I loved those thin mints. The fact that they were only served once or twice a year made them extra special.

Divine sent me samples of some of the company's fair trade holiday chocolates and included was a box of Dark Chocolate After Dinner Mint Thins that brought back the memory of those thin mints from my childhood. There was also a box of Ginger Thins that taste like no chocolate I’ve ever had before.

Both chocolates are made with fair trade cocoa, sugar and cocoa butter and are free from artificial colors, flavorings and preservatives. In the middle of each thin chocolate square is a soft, flavored center.

The mint thins are made with natural peppermint oil and have that familiar flavor of dark chocolate and mint that so many people enjoy. This is quality chocolate, and I’ve been singing the praises of Divine’s ethically sourced chocolate for years now. The mint thins would be a welcome addition to a holiday dessert tray or a treat alone with coffee anytime of the day.

Divine describes the ginger thins as having bold flavor, and that’s the best way to describe them. I was expecting more of a ginger snap cookie flavor when I bit into it, but I was wrong. The soft-centered square contains ginger oil and it has the bite of fresh ginger. The flavor is strong and there’s even a little bit of heat to it. I’ve never tasted a chocolate like this before. It’s unusual, but good.

Included in my sample box was a variety of Divine Holiday products including foil wrapped gold or blue and silver coins, milk chocolate and dark chocolate Christmas trees, an Advent calendar full of milk chocolate hearts and some full-size holiday flavored chocolate bars. All were very good. I’ve never had a Divine product I didn’t like. The dark chocolate thins stood out as something special, though.

Divine’s Dark Chocolate Thins would also make great hostess gifts if you’re looking for something to take along with you to a dinner or party. I don’t expect hostess gifts when I invite people to my house, but I never turn them away when people bring them. I have to admit, though, I most appreciate hostess gifts that are consumable. I always feel guilty when one year’s hostess gift becomes the next year’s tax write-off when it gets donated to Goodwill.

Do you give hostess gifts? What’s your favorite hostess gift to give or receive?

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Holiday hostess gift idea: Divine Dark Chocolate Thins
Real peppermint oil or ginger oil make Divine’s Fair Trade dinner thins a welcome addition to dessert and coffee.