I like to encourage food companies when they make good decisions, even when they’re small. When McDonald’s takes the antibiotics out of its chicken or Dunkin’ Donuts removes titanium dioxide from its powdered donuts,  I think it’s important to give them an “attaboy.” I also think it's important to encourage them to move on the next good change and continue to make their foods healthier.

I don’t think Jon Stewart would necessarily agree with me. He’s not handing out the “attaboys” for these decisions. He recently offered his take on some changes that food companies are making and skewered some other companies for creating foods that are increasingly unhealthy. He did it in his usual humorous yet insightful way on “The Daily Show.”

You'll want to make sure you watch this video until at least the 4:40 mark when Stewart discusses a new "Kids Eat Right" label from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The first food to have this label is Kraft Singles. Kraft recently ditched the artificial preservatives in some varieties of Singles, but the product still isn't close enough to real cheese to be called cheese. How did this "cheese product" get this label? Stewart explains:

Stewart recently announced that's he's leaving “The Daily Show” later this year after hosting it for more than 15 years. I'm going to miss his take on all matter of subjects, particularly the food industry. It’s good to hear another perspective, and it’s particularly good when that other view is shared in an educational and entertaining way. Stewart can teach you something and make you laugh, all at the same time.

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