Although I still use many cookbooks, I frequently cook from online recipes too. I use the KeepRecipes website and app to organize recipes, and I also save recipes to Pinterest. I bring up the recipes on my iPad when I'm cooking. I know I'm not alone in this.

According to Think with Google, 59 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds head to the kitchen with either a smartphone or tablet. They are less likely than people over the age of 35 to print out a recipe. The millennial generation turn to mobile devices to figure what to cook and how to cook it. An often overlooked but important part of this process is figuring out how to keep a smart device clean in the kitchen.

There are plastic sleeves designed specifically designed for this purpose, like the Chef Sleeve that I reviewed several years ago. It worked, but was an added expense. Is a disposable sleeve really the only option for keeping a tablet or smartphone clean in the kitchen? No way.

I've found the perfect way to keep my iPad visible and clean in my kitchen. Take a look at my high-tech method in the photo below.

propping up iPad in the kitchen

The cabinets just above where I usually prepare food don't have a door, so I prop up my iPad on two upside down pint glasses when I'm cooking from Pinterest, KeepRecipes, an MNN recipe or my "How to Cook Everything" app. I wondered how other people handle their mobile devices in the kitchen, so I reached out to some friends for their solutions and a couple of them even provided photos.

"I slide my iPad inside a gallon size Ziploc bag," said my friend Jenn. "That doesn't help with standing, but it keeps it protected. I move it around as I cook, putting it on top of the toaster oven, if that's not being used, to keep it higher and out of the way."

Her husband has his own method of keeping his technology safe in the kitchen. She sent me a photo of him and one of their sons cooking in the kitchen, with a laptop safely on a music stand. That could work well for a tablet, too.


Some people buy stands that are made to prop up tablets in the kitchen. Another friend Danielle sent me this photo of her tablet propped up on a tablet stand that's made to look like a cutting board.


My friends Betsy and Kim both said the covers they bought for their tablets work as stands, too. So as long as hands are clean and the mobile device is visible, it seems there are many ways to keep your technology clean in the kitchen.

No matter what you do, just make sure you do something to protect your mobile device from tomato sauce spills and other food damage, or like my food blogging friend Becky Striepe, author of "Bowls!," you could find yourself in trouble.

"I use my phone in the kitchen, but mostly I just wipe my hands before picking it back up and kind of move it from surface to surface as needed," Becky said. "This could be why my phone is constantly on the fritz!"

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As we head into the kitchen with tablets and smartphones, we need creative ways to keep them food-free.