It can be so difficult to find out that you have an allergy or serious food intolerance. In my own journey towards better health, I came to realize that dairy was a big problem for me personally years ago. When I first took it out, if I got even the slightest bit of dairy on accident, I would get really ill from it. Now that I have healed more, this isn’t such a dramatic problem anymore for me, but I still try really hard to avoid the foods that my body doesn’t do well with.

As those of you who know what it’s like to have a food allergy or intolerance, this can be a minor problem, to a full-blown life-changing experience. Today I thought I’d share a couple things that have helped me survive.

Learning to adapt when cooking

I have always liked working in the kitchen, but food allergens can take some of the fun out of it, unless you figure out how to be a highly adaptable cook. It’s been a learning experience with experiments, failures, and, yes, even fun, for me. It can take a little while to find your feet again in the kitchen when you take out a major food group (such as gluten or eggs), but once you figure out how to cook without them, you will find adapting old favorite recipes more and more fun and accessible. One example, I adapted a childhood favorite Chocolate Pudding Cake to be gluten- and dairy-free, and was thrilled with the results!

Learn to enjoy the foods you can have

It can be a real downer to no longer enjoy food the same way. However, I have chosen to concentrate on the beautiful foods that I can enjoy, and that has helped me to see what a thriving food life you can have and enjoy even without gluten, eggs, or dairy. Having a positive attitude can go a long way in your future enjoyment.

Figure out a safe meal you can buy out locally

Life does get busy, and even those of us who love cooking, will find that there are days when things are just too busy. Having a few places you know that you can safely eat really helps take the pressure off. More and more restaurants are aware of the issue of food allergens, and many are trying to adapt to customers such as myself.

Learn easy hospitality dishes others enjoy that you can eat

For a while I didn’t like having people over, as I didn’t know how to make crowd friendly food that I could also eat. But it didn’t take long to be able to make many foods that served guests well, but also allowed me to eat the same thing.

Any other tips you’d like to share with us? 

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How to survive food intolerances or allergies
It can be really tough to find out you need to avoid a common food. Here are some overarching tips that have helped me survive.