Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program has been helping consumers choose sustainable seafood for years now. The program puts seafood choices into three categories: Best Choices, Good Alternatives, and Avoid. To eat seafood in the most sustainable manner, always choose from the Best Choices category.

For the first time, an ocean-farmed fish has been named one of the Best Choices. Australis Aquaculture in Vietnam has an off-shore marine farm that produces Barramundi, and the fish that chefs, foodies, bloggers and other food influentials have embraced is now one of the top sustainable choices.

Seafood Watch performed an extensive, multi-year evaluation of Australis’ operations including feed efficiency, habitat and water quality impacts, disease, use of chemicals and escape risks.

Australis has dubbed their Barramundi “The Better Fish.” If you’d like to try this better fish for yourself, you can find a restaurant that serves Australis Barramundi on the website. I put my zip code in and discovered that several of my favorite local restaurants that boast sustainable offerings serve it. Even if you’re not going to run out tonight to order a plate, you should check out what restaurants in your area serve it for future reference.

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In a first, ocean-farmed fish earns top sustainability rating
Australis Barramundi from Vietnam gets the Seafood Watch Best Choice rating. Find a restaurant where you can try this sustainable fish.