Sometimes you just need a special treat. I have been working hard not only on my regular writing and behind the scenes emails for my website, but also doing some final edits on my newest cookbook. Dinner has been on the table most nights (except last night after I had an unplanned 3 hour nap!), but the usual healthy snacks and treats I try to make and have on hand just haven’t been happening.


In my desert of snacks, I finally picked up that intriguing package of sweet tortas imported from Spain. The brand name is Ines Rosales, and I’ve seen them hanging around some of the grocery stores in our area. 6 tortas come carefully wrapped in wax paper, and look fairly plain really. From the package I could see that while yes, it does use refined flour, it is made with extra virgin olive oil and only very lightly sweetened. I truthfully wasn’t sure what to expect of if I’d even really like them that much, but I thought it would be a light snack (they are 150 calories per tortas) to go with a cup of tea while I finished up some editing.


Oh MY goodness. They are so amazing. They are crisp, without being like a cracker, rich without being heavy, flavorful without being overpowering, and just plain good. I don’t know how to explain them exactly, but I can say that you should try them. They come in both savory and sweet flavors such as Seville Orange, or Cinnamon, Rosemary and Thyme, or Sesame and Sea Salt. I tried the cinnamon and they really are perfect to go with a cup of tea.


They are imported from Spain where they are handmade, which goes in part to explain why they are so delicious. They are however expensive, so I wondered if there was any way to make them myself. I won’t be convinced that they are as good as the imported ones until I’ve tried them, but the following recipes look promising. (One should note that the Ines Rosales Tortas are 24% olive oil – so don’t try the recipes low in olive oil if you want a similar end product).


  • First, the Eat Good 4 Life blog shares a recipe for Spanish Olive Oil Tortas that uses plenty of olive oil, plus whole wheat for a hearty version.

Have you tried this wonderful treat? What did you think? Anyone have a good recipe to share?


Ines Rosales Tortas are a scrumptious treat
Who ever knew that something made with such basic ingredients could be so good?