QSR is a magazine that serves the quick service restaurant industry. The magazine just released its top 100 stories of 2011. Many of the stories are about topics like Burger King retiring that creepy King mascot or new items on various fast-food restaurants’ menus.


But some of the stories are worth consideration by those who care about sustainable food, even if we don’t frequent fast-food or quick-service restaurants very frequently. Here are a few of the interesting ones.


One story on the list is about the White House looking to the quick-serve industry to help with its anti-obesity agenda.


“We’re looking for leadership from quick-serve restaurants. There’s no question that we’re really going to need folks in the industry to step up and help us get this initiative where it needs to be.”—Sam Kass, senior policy advisor for healthy food initiatives at the White House, speaking to QSR about the First Lady’s anti-obesity campaign “Let’s Move!”

I’m not so sure that quick-serve restaurants are genuinely looking to step up and get the initiative where it needs to be. Look at last week’s story about how McDonald’s in San Francisco has chosen to sell toys for 10 cents each after the city banned giving away toys with children’s meals that did not meet certain criteria. Not only are they not stepping up, they’re making an additional dime per Happy Meal.


* * *


In other news, the owners of Chipotle have opened an Asian fast-food restaurant called ShopHouse in Washington, D.C. I hadn’t heard about this.


As you’d expect from the Chipotle folks, the food is fresh, sourced sustainably, and raised without hormones or antibiotics. The dishes are also simple: bowls or banh mi sandwiches.

I’d give it a try. How about you?


* * *


Mad Greens, a Denver-based salad restaurant, has created an app to help allergy sufferers.


The company launched a mobile app in the summer that lets customers explore the menu based on their food allergies and sensitivities. The app is available on all smartphone platforms.

That’s a smart use of technology by a restaurant, wouldn’t you say?


Another story focuses on a mobile and Internet ordering program that also uses technology to better help customers. There’s a lot of interesting information in QSR’s top 100 stories. Did any of them catch your attention?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Interesting happenings in fast food
QSR magazine releases its top 100 stories about the quick service food industry from 2011, and some of them are worth our attention.