Your definition of humane eating may differ from someone else’s. A vegan may believe that eating is humane only if no animal products are consumed at all. A vegetarian may be fine with consuming products from a humanely raised animal, as long as the animal wasn’t killed for the product. And, an omnivore may feel eating meat is humane, as long as the animal was raised and slaughtered in a humane manner.

When you eat at home, eating humanely, whatever your definition, isn’t very difficult. You have control over the food choices. America for Animals wants to give diners a little more control over eating humanely when they eat at restaurants, so they’ve created The Humane Eating Project app to point restaurant diners to humane choices. They intend to make the app free to anyone who wants it, but free apps aren’t free to create or maintain.

To raise funds for the app, the creators launched an indiegogo campaign today. They’re looking to raise $15,000 between now and February 11 for the app that will be avaiable for iOS (Apple) devices.

The Humane Eating Project app has a database of over 16,000 restaurants. To be considered humane for the project’s purpose, a restaurant must have a vegan/vegetarian menu or explicitly state that they have humane or humanely-raised menu options. So, restaurants that serve meat will be included, but it must meet The Humane Eating Project’s standards.

This video explains more about the app and its features.

Initially the app will include restaurants based off the claims on their menus. Once they have “achieved a critical mass of users and restaurants,” they plan a future release where they “will indicate which restaurants are sourcing from third party humane-certified farms using third party certification organizations such as Certified Humane, Animal Welfare Approved, and Global Animal Partnership.”

I see this app being particularly useful when traveling. It will be able to give people unfamiliar with what options are available in a region a starting point to search for restaurants.

If you’re interested in seeing this app become freely available to the public, you can donate as little as $10 to The Human Eating Projects’ indiegogo campaign and invest in humane eating.

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Investing in humane eating
America for Animals looks to the crowd to fund The Humane Eating Project app, a database of restaurants doing the right thing.