Ramen noodles were part of my growing-up years. While we generally tried to eat a healthy diet, we weren’t above cooking up a package of ramen noodles for lunch (and truthfully, we liked them). My friend, whose mom was a serious “hippie health freak” who gave her children colonics, herbs, and soy milk, also had instant noodles on hand for quick lunches. Another friend had mastered the art of doctoring up ramen noodle with veggies, eggs, bits of meat, and extra flavoring to create a filling main dish. It seems that no one escaped the allure of the instant noodle. 

No one thought they were good for you, but did we know how bad they might be? One study found “eating instant noodles two or more times a week was associated with cardiometabolic syndrome, which raises a person's likelihood of developing heart disease and other conditions, such as diabetes and stroke.”

Dr. Hyun Joon Shin led the study on behalf of the Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital (BHVH) in South Korea, a country that has the highest consumption of instant noodles in the world. Residents there are also losing a grip on their health. Could there be a connection? This initial study points to a possible link. 

More likely to effect women

Shin found that women were more likely to have negative consequences from eating instant noodles, which could be linked to the biological differences between men and women, their other eating habits, or differences in reporting accuracy between the sexes. This isn't to say that men didn't also have adverse effects; simply that women appeared to be more sensitive. 

This study, which was published in the Journal of Nutrition, offers just one more reason to move towards a less processed, more wholesome diet. 

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