Jamie Oliver is taking his messages about healthy cooking and healthy eating from his hit series "Food Revolution" and bringing them to ChefVille, the extremely popular social restaurant simulation game on Facebook. 


Created by Zynga, the same people who brought FarmVille to the masses, ChefVille players act as chef, restaurant owner, designer and manager with the goal of creating a dream restaurant. For the next two weeks, Oliver will be leading the games more than 4.5 million players in a series of quests focused on sustainable agriculture and healthy cooking. 


“Good food is for everyone, wherever you are in the world, and if you know how to cook, you’ve got an incredibly valuable life skill," writes Oliver in a statement. "Arming and inspiring ChefVille players with the means to develop their cooking skills and food knowledge — while having fun — is a brilliant way to motivate people to cook from scratch at home using quality fresh ingredients, and to ignite their interest in food."


Below are some of the quests that players will get to join Jamie in completing: 


  • Cultivating and crafting – Players learn the importance of sustainability by growing fresh ingredients in recycled garden containers that they build from scratch using discarded materials like an old boot and broken pot, proving you can grow your own food anywhere!
  • Real ingredients – Players harvest fresh produce such as carrots, lettuce and peppers to cook and serve up delicious meals directly to their friends, a great way to nourish yourself and others and enjoy food.
  • Lend a hand – Players help neighbors by tending to their gardens and produce stands.
  • Dine and contribute – Players can opt to purchase Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution limited edition virtual goods pack that includes items such as an English garden and a topiary. (These will only be available during the two-week promotion.) 

"ChefVille is all about smart ingredients that matter. From going to the butcher to purchase organic meats to visiting the farmers market for fruits and vegetable — players are immersed in a culinary world that encourages local, sustainable and healthful eating," said Jason Everett, executive producer of ChefVille, Zynga. "We are excited to bring Jamie Oliver's passion for healthy living through food to ChefVille — giving players an opportunity to learn from this renowned chef, while also giving our players a chance to give back to others through charitable contributions to the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution."


Ready to cook? Check out the game over on Facebook here


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Jamie Oliver brings healthy cooking to 'ChefVille'
For the next two weeks, the 'Food Revolution' chef will help players of the popular Facebook games learn about sustainable agriculture and healthy eating.