I didn’t think it was such a big deal that Paul McCartney recently collaborated with Rihanna and Kanye West on the song "FourFiveSeconds." Sure, it’s a catchy song, but it’s McCartney’s other collaboration that caught my interest.

McCartney, a well-known vegetarian, has teamed up with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and pop star Ed Sheeran to create a theme song for this year’s Food Revolution campaign. According to Mirror Online, Coldplay’s Chris Martin has also added some keyboards for the song, which will be released in early May, a couple week’s before this year’s Food Revolution Day on May 15. Rounding out the pop talent for the anthem will be Paloma Faith and Jazzie B from Soul II Soul.

They plan to release the song for free and hope to have it “race to the top of the charts.” This year, Oliver is urging all food revolutionaries to share the message of Food Revolution Day, including the song. I'm curious to see if this collaboration can create a song that's both educational and pop-chart worthy.

As with Food Revolution Day in the past, Oliver and his band of revolutionaries will highlight the need for food reformation and for practical food education in school curriculums. Last year, Oliver held the world’s largest online cooking lesson on Food Revolution Day and broke a world record. This year, it’s the song he hopes will bring attention to the cause.

When the yet-to-be-named song and its accompanying video are released, I’ll be sure to let you know. What do you think? Do you think Oliver, McCartney and Sheeran can write a song about food education that can reach the top of the charts?

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Jamie Oliver enlists McCartney, Sheeran for Food Revolution theme song
Paul McCartney, Ed Sheeran and Oliver have co-written an anthem to be released in May. Other big names are on board for the song, too.