Jamie Oliver has begun filming the second season of his Emmy Award-winning television show, “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” in Los Angeles. According to LA Weekly, he’s already running into a problem. The Los Angeles Unified School District won’t let him in to film in the schools.


If you watched the original “Food Revolution,” you’ll remember that the majority of the filming took place within the cafeterias and classrooms of Huntington, W. Va. You saw children who couldn’t identify vegetables, lunches that made you want to weep, and cafeteria workers who gave Oliver a hard time yet you were still on their side. You saw Oliver’s complete frustration when he was told he couldn’t serve pasta with lots of colorful vegetables in it because the vegetables couldn’t be measured. If I remember correctly, the schools answer was to add French fries to make sure the meal met health requirements.

Even without a school to film in, the chef is continuing filming around Los Angeles and inside “Jamie’s Kitchen,” a space that he set up on Westwood Boulevard as his kitchen classroom and production set. Classes will be free, and Oliver will begin teaching as soon as there is a demand for the classes.

Oliver is adding something new to this season of “Food Revolution” — a mobile teaching truck. Because L.A. is so large, he’ll use it to reach communities that aren’t close to his “Jamie’s Kitchen” home base.

I hope Oliver is able to get into the schools and start to make a change in student meals. Even if he doesn’t manage to film inside the schools, I’m sure he’ll make an impact, and I’m looking forward to the next season of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.”

Did you watch the original “Food Revolution?” Are you likely to watch the L.A. version?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

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