Jamie Oliver’s new season of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” started on April 12. Flavored milk is one of the school foods that Oliver regularly highlighted last season as a ridiculous beverage choice for school children on the show, and he's continuing to bring attention to it. One 8-ounce carton of chocolate or strawberry milk has four teaspoons of added sugar. Many school children drink more than one of these cartons a day — particularly if they eat breakfast and lunch at school each day.

In a fact sheet on the the Food Revolution website, an effective graphic shows that if students drink two 8-ounce containers of flavored milk each school day, they add almost two full gallons of sugar to their diet each year. It’s like taking two empty one-gallon milk containers, filling them with sugar, and telling our children, “Have at it.”

Oliver has become skilled at graphically showing what's in the food we serve our kids. On Tuesday’s episode of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” he made a dramatic demonstration. To the few concerned citizens of Los Angeles who showed up, he revealed how much sugar is served through flavored milk to the students in the Los Angeles Unified School District each week. (Each week!) Check out the video below:

Oliver has started a campaign to bring back plain milk at school, and he’s asking us to add our names online supporting the concept of “asking schools to choose plain milk, and make the sweetened varieties an occasional treat.”

If you sign in support, Oliver asks that you take the next step by going to speak to the principal in your child’s school and give the principal the fact sheet that clearly makes the case against free-flowing flavored milks being available to our school children. 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.