Want to show off the delectable, healthy lunches served up at your child's school? Or maybe you want the world to see just what kind of slop your kids are expected to eat each day at school. Whether your school has the best school lunch or the worst — or somewhere in between — Jamie Oliver wants to see what your kid's school lunch looks like.


The celebrity chef/activist has launched a "Best" and "Worst" Photo Wall where visitors can upload pics of their child's school lunch and rate other pics as the best or worst school lunches. After Nov. 26, the site will feature the Top 10 Best and Top 10 Worst rated lunches as voted by visitors. Oliver will pick one from each category to be featured on his website ("winners" will also receive a signed cookbook.)


Oliver insists that the idea is not to criticize specific schools or cafeteria staff. Rather the idea is to keep the conversation rolling about the great things that are happening in some schools and the work that still needs to be done in others. From the site: "School lunch is served under constraints including budget, staff, ingredients and food availability. Yet under the same regulations about school food and sometimes within the same community, certain kids are getting amazing school food and others are eating unappealing junk. Help us shine a spotlight on the differences."


Check out the Best and Worst Photo Wall to upload your pic and check out what other schools are serving up around the world.

Jamie Oliver wants to see your school lunch
The celebrity chef's Photo Wall showcases the best and worst school lunches served to kids around the world.