I go a little fan-girl crazy whenever former stars of “The West Wing” do anything remotely related to the characters they played on the show. The short video many of them made a year or so ago — when Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, Joshua Malina and others reprised their roles to get America walking — made me incredibly happy. Seeing everyone back in character again was a little like visiting with old friends.

So I was incredibly excited today when I saw on The Braiser that the Obama administration is holding a Big Block of Cheese Day. Former “West Wing” stars Bradley Whiteford and Malina are back in character to promote it. On the TV show, Big Block of Cheese Day was a day the fictional chief-of-staff held to give people who normally couldn’t get the ear of the White House some attention. It was held in honor of the 1,400-pound actual big block of cheese that President Andrew Jackson had in the White House in 1837. He invited anyone to come, have some cheese, and talk about issues.

The Big Block of Cheese Day that’s happening this Jan. 29 won’t take place at the White House and there won’t be an actual block of cheese. What will happen is that White House officials will be available in real time via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Google+ to answer questions from Americans. For more specifics, go Whitehouse.gov.

Maybe this would be a good opportunity for many of us to pose questions about food issues like GMOs, artificial dyes or factory farming. What would you ask a White House official about food on Big Block of Cheese Day?

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January 29 is Big Block of Cheese Day at the White House
The Obama administration is making Big Block of Cheese Day a reality. Fans of Aaron Sorkin’s “The West Wing” already know what it’s all about.