Jimmy Kimmel found the only person on U.S. soil who hasn't had a bite of a Girl Scout Cookie: Chef Gordon Ramsay.

At first glance, the acerbic Ramsay said, "Visually, they look like dog biscuits."

He was surprised at the cookies' small size. Kimmel echoed the collective thoughts of everyone older than 20 when he said, "I feel like they were bigger, or maybe I was smaller, when it started out." (I don't know about the cookies, but the boxes have gotten smaller over the years, while the prices have gone up.)

I loved Kimmel's reaction when Ramsay spit out one of the cookies: "Gordon Ramsay's visa just expired." I understand his sentiment there. Not liking the ingredients in Thin Mints is understandable, but not liking the taste is almost downright un-American.

Fortunately, for those who love the taste but not the way they're made, there's always that recipe for All-Natural Thin Mint Cookies.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Jimmy Kimmel introduces Gordon Ramsay to Girl Scout cookies
Find out if the acerbic celebrity chef is impressed.