If you're like me, you spend a lot of time on social media. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you're probably also interested in organic foods. For the next ten days you can combine your social media habit with your interest in organic food during the Organic Trade Association's Organic-Palooza.  

Starting today and running through September 17, the organization is teaming up with leading organic influencers to discuss organic issues online. Everyone is invited. Look for the #OrganicFestival hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to participate in the discussions. You can even win some prizes for participating.

Here's the schedule of online events that the association sent me.

Monday, Sept. 8: "Organic Affordability"

Can a family of four enjoy all organic for $25/day or less? Absolutely. Join us for a day of recipes, preparation tips and planning ideas that truly underscore organic is worth it.  

Tuesday, Sept. 9: "Where is Organic?"

From the farm to table to all aspects of our lives, organic is increasingly present. Where is organic for you? Wherever you are in the world, show and tell us where organic is in your garden, kitchen, home, work, workout — and everywhere in between.

Wednesday, Sept. 10:  "Non-GMO and So Much More" + Twitter Party @ 5p ET #organicfestival

A day in which we address confusion and/or concerns about GMOs' growing presence in our food supply. We will focus on what non-GMO means under the organic certification, as well as the industry’s efforts to keep GMOs off our dinner plates. Matt Dillon, expert in organic seed systems and agricultural policy and programs manager at Clif Bar, will co-host.

Thursday, Sept. 11: "Is Organic Trustworthy?" + Twitter Party @ 4p ET #organicfestival

Organic is the most traceable, certified and regulated category within our food system. Today we explore organic standards and ask our community: Is organic trustworthy? What are your thoughts on NOSB standards? What does the USDA seal mean to you? @OnlyOrganic and @EWG (Environmental Working Group) will co-host.

Friday, Sept. 12: "Organic for Kids" + Twitter Party @ 4p ET #organicfestival

Studies show consumers increase organic consumption as they add children to their families. We share how and why organic for kids is important — and provide and share kid-friendly recipes and tips. Dr. Alan Greene, a noted kids' health expert who answers parents' real questions, will co-host.  

Saturday, Sept. 13: "A Taste of Organic"

Celebrate harvest season and organic's delicious benefits with a day of OTA presenting and social media users sharing favorite organic recipes — from breakfast at sunrise to a late-night snack.

Sunday, Sept. 14:  "Science Sunday: Climate Change"

As the planet warms and weather patterns become more erratic, we focus the discussion on helping people understand the crucial intersection between climate change and agriculture — and the role organic agriculture can play in mitigating global warming.

Monday, Sept. 15: “Myth-busting Monday” + Twitter Party @ 4p ET #organicfestival

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about organic food and farming! Have you heard that organic food isn't better for you; that the standards are weak; or that the environmental benefits aren't proven? We'll provide the information you need to separate fact from fiction. "Coach" Mark Smallwood, head of the Rodale Institute, and Dr. Jessica Shade, lead scientist for The Organic Center, will co-host.

Tuesday, Sept. 16: "Textile Tuesday: Beyond Food" + Twitter Party @ 4p ET #organicfestival

There's more to organic than food. Organic fiber is similarly certified and includes cotton, wool, hemp and flax — made without toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizer or genetic engineering. Find out how organic fiber is healthy and eco-fashion can be fulfilling. Eco-fashion pioneer Marci Zaroff will co-host.

Wednesday, Sept. 17: "Who is Organic?"

A celebration and spotlight on the organic visionaries who have cultivated organic's role in society today — timed to OTA’s "Let’s Celebrate Organic Visionaries" evening awards event.

Already today, the OTA has tweeted out recipes for organic muffins that cost less than $4/dozen to make and an organic vegetarian soup than can feed six people that costs less than $8. 

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Join the 10-day social media Organic-Palooza
The Organic Trade Association is hosting an online organic discussion and inviting everyone to participate in the #OrganicFestival.