I really needed a good laugh this morning, and as usual, Jon Stewart can provide one. All the “The Daily Show” host wants to do is have his mid-show snack, but recent news stories about Subway, Kraft Singles and Hot Pockets make him realize it’s hard to find a safe snack.

I hope you had a good laugh, too. Besides the fact that Stewart makes this type of news funny, I love that he makes the general public aware about food issues. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably already new about the Subway and Kraft Singles stories because I wrote about them recently, but there are many people who watch “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” who only get food news like this through him (and possibly also through Stephen Colbert).

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Jon Stewart can’t find a safe snack (and can’t keep a straight face)
‘The Daily Show’ host just can’t seem to find the courage to eat a Subway sandwich, a Kraft Singles cheese sandwich or a Hot Pocket.