A new hybrid vegetable is coming to the U.S, and it’s dubbed Kalettes. It combines two of the trendiest, and perhaps most under-appreciated-by-children vegetables of all time. This new veggie is a hybrid between kale and Brussels sprouts, and that’s a pretty crazy combination!

Those of you who buy Brussels sprouts at the market know that the sprouts grow on a thick stalk. With Kalettes, you keep the thick stalk, but instead of Brussels sprouts you have kale leaves. You can see a picture of this new vegetable on the company Facebook page here. 

It’s a curious-looking vegetable, but then again, so are Brussels sprouts and kale – we’ve just gotten used to their appearance. I’m really curious how they taste! I’m a fan of both kale and Brussels sprouts, so I would imagine that they would be delicious.

I’m also a fan of another hybrid vegetable, broccolini, which has a delicate flavor and tender texture that I really enjoy. If Kalettes can be as yummy as broccolini, I’ll eat it for sure.

While I love the important and vital efforts of companies seeking to save old lines of vegetables, known as heirloom vegetables, I also don’t have anything against hybrid vegetables.

And no, in case you're wondering, hybrid vegetables are not the same as genetically modified crops. While genetically modified vegetables have been changed or tampered within their DNA, hybrid vegetables are created by simply cross breeding compatible plants.

But that doesn’t mean that the vegetables are easy to cross breed. This specific hybrid has been in the works for the last 15 years, as the makers have tweaked the plant to tone down the Brussels sprout flavor, increased the growing season potential of the plant, and made sure it was attractive to the eye.

It’s been marketed already in England under the name Flower Sprouts. It has done well, and it also won an agricultural award in a Berlin trade show. Between those two successes, the makers have deemed it ready to land on our fair shores soon.

I’ll be sure to try it. Will you? 

You can read more about the vegetable over at Modern Farmer.

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