I bought school supplies today. I wanted to cry. I don’t like giving my boys back to the school system each September, but each September I must. I don’t like the early morning wake-up times, the ridiculous amount of homework, and making sure I don’t run out of food to put in their lunches. When we run out of options for packing their lunches, I have to turn to the most horrible option of all – buying school lunch. I’d like to say it never happens, but it does on occasion.


Those dreaded school lunches have been in the news this week. Here are a few items that might want to take a look at over the weekend.


  • Johns Hopkins has awarded grants to 10 Maryland high school teachers who have will be teaching a new curriculum, Teaching the Food System. The curriculum emphasizes the relationships among food, public health, diet, and the environment. It’s an online resource that is available at no cost to all educators interested in teaching about the food system. 
  • CBS News says that school lunches are a billion dollar battlefield, as students who tried to find out what just was in the “mystery meat” found out. After hitting some bumps, two high school students who set out to find the food’s nutritional value got the school to start posting it this upcoming school year. They made a video of their project, too.
  • The USDA’s new school meal standards kick in with the start of this school year, reports the ADA. More fruits, vegetables and whole grains will be on lunch trays. Let’s hope those foods also taste good, or kids won’t eat them.
  • 15 innovations that are making school lunches healthier is the subject of a post on Slow Food USA. I’d like to see several of them implemented in my boys’ school, including hydration stations to fill water bottles.
Have a great weekend!


Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

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