A couple of months ago, Cheerios released a commercial featuring a mixed-race couple. On YouTube, the comments for the commercial apparently got nasty. I don’t know exactly what people wrote because Cheerios disabled the comments section.

If you were discouraged by the racism that reared its ugly head because of this cute commercial, you’ll want to watch this video for a bit of encouragement. The Fine Brothers, who often do videos of kids or teens reacting to what’s going on in pop culture, decided to do a Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial video. The kids in this video are 13 and under, and their reactions need to be seen.

I love that when the kids were told the commercial was controversial, it didn’t occur to them the reason was that the parents were different races.

I hope these kids put a smile on your face this morning. They certainly put one on mine.

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Kids get vocal about the interracial family Cheerios commercial
The commercial received so many negative comments on YouTube that the comments section was disabled.