We go through at least a dozen eggs a week in my house. That means we have at least one empty egg carton each week. What can be done with them? I searched the web for some ideas that you or I might not have thought of.

  • Packing material: Styrofoam egg cartons and cardboard egg cartons can be used as packing material. They are lightweight and will provide a good buffer for items being shipped. (via make-stuff.com)
  • Fire starters: Fill the paper egg cartons with dryer lint, then pore melted wax over the lint. You can tear apart the sections and use for fire starters when you are camping, or in your fire place. I use left over candle pieces for the melted wax. (via make-stuff.com)
  • Boot forms: Slip into an ankle- or knee-high boot to help it retain its shape (via Planet Green)
  • Start seedlings in egg carton bottoms:  A little soil leveled off in the bottom of an egg carton makes the perfect area for starting a seedling.  Later, you can transfer the dirt and root bulb to your square foot garden! (via Frugal Dad)
  • Muffle the band: This Old House technical editor (and former rock-star wannabe) Mark Powers once nailed egg cartons to his apartment walls and ceiling to dampen sound while he was recording. (via This Old House)
    Note: I saw this idea somewhere else and they mentioned the easy flammability of egg cartons and that you might want to think twice about covering your walls with them.
  • Practical joke prop: Startle people in the grocery store checkout with them (via YouTube)

And remember, many small farms that raise chickens for eggs will happily take your used egg cartons to package their eggs. 

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Kitchen recycling tip: Egg cartons
Practical ideas for putting used egg cartons to good use.