Suzanne Somers, first known for her role in the sitcom "Three’s Company," and later, "Step by Step," has made a more recent splash in the publishing world. This includes a book on the topic of aging, a couple of books on diet, and one on alternative cancer treatments. She is invested in the topic personally, as she chose to use a combination of conventional and alternative treatments for her cancer scare. Her alternative views on health have garnered much criticism and skepticism.

I haven’t read her other books, but I did read her most recent one on cancer, "Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer--And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place" It was incredibly eye-opening, and I know of no other book that pulls from so many successful alternative doctors. Information in this book could be lifesaving. If you read some of the press coverage of her book, you would get the impression that she is an idiot and that her book is dangerous, but I doubt the reporters actually read the book for themselves.

The book is really not about Suzanne and what she thinks, but rather about the doctors she interviews in the book and the treatments they are using with great success. Nor is she personally against all conventional cancer treatment. She is against treating cancer with chemo and radiation when it doesn’t statistically help. For these scenarios, she points to alternative doctors who are finding better success treating certain types of cancer.

The book is amazing because of the research and information the doctors give, and the success rates they have achieved. 

I don’t think the average person in America should have to choose between conventional medicine and alternative care, but I think that Americans should have the right to find the most effective treatment for whatever ails them — whether that is found in the halls of the local hospital, in the clinic of an alternative doctor, or in the joint cooperation between the two (which does sometimes happen now).

Undoubtedly, sifting through all of the information out there is a hard task, and there is no cure-all for cancer as of yet. But I was thankful for the contribution these doctors are making in the great fight against cancer. This book gives you hope that there are viable alternative treatments for cancer. 

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‘Knockout’ gives alternative information on cancer treatments
Suzanne Somers interviews doctors who are treating cancer with success using alternative treatments in her book, 'Knockout'.