Remember last year when Kraft announced that it was removing artificial dyes from some of its boxed macaroni and cheese, but not from the original version? The company is going halfway again, this time with its cheese Singles, the staple of so many grilled cheese sandwiches.

Kraft is removing artificial preservatives from some of the varieties of the individually wrapped processed cheese slices, but not all of them — at least not yet.

In a statement, Brian Gelb, a senior associate brand manager for Kraft Foods, said, “We know families today want convenient foods that have no artificial preservatives and a simpler, more recognizable ingredient list, and Kraft is working to deliver more of these options for some of our most beloved brands.”

The ingredient that the company is ditching is sorbic acid. It will be replaced with natamycin, a natural mold inhibitor. Only the full-fat versions of American and White American will go artificial preservative-free for the time being. The lower-fat versions will still contain sorbic acid.

CBS News says Kraft has been working on replacing sorbic acid for about five years in the American and American White Singles. It is currently working on testing the other versions of Singles without sorbic acid so they can be artificial preservative-free, also.

When Kraft announced that it would be removing artificial dyes from only some of its macaroni and cheese varieties, I questioned why they wouldn’t remove it from the original version. They made no announcement that I saw that said they were working toward that goal. I’m glad to see that with these Kraft Singles, their goal is to get the artificial preservatives out of all of them.

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Kraft ditches artificial preservatives in some Singles varieties
The American and White American varieties of Kraft Singles will now be made with natural mold inhibiters.