Have you ever just washed the bacon grease down the drain instead of disposing of it properly? I’ll admit it. I have. I keep a used jar with a lid under my sink to dispose of bacon grease or oil that I’ve cooked food in, but every once in a while, the lazy side of me wins out and I let it go down the disposal.

I have a feeling people in London have been doing the same, and doing it frequently because workers found a 15-ton wad of lard found in a London sewer. The workers say it was mixed with baby wipes and was about the size of a bus.

That’s just really gross. Lard and dirty baby wipes congealed together to form the size of a bus. The lump caused damage to the sewer line and was discovered after people in the area reported having trouble flushing their toilets.

This isn’t the first lump of lard like this that has been found. They are common enough to have been given a name, “fatberg,” sort of like a fat iceberg.

This news is just what I need to make sure that I’ll dispose of my bacon grease and cooking oil properly all the time now. How about you?

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