If you’re cooking with kids this holiday season, and you find they want to eat all the chocolate chips or shove handfuls of shredded cheese into their mouths instead of putting it in the macaroni and cheese, "Sesame Street" can help you out. Cookie Monster is here to teach kids self-control.

Sesame Street has just released "Sesame Street: Lord of the Crumbs" (a "Lord of the Rings" parody) that’s rated DG for delayed gratification. Cookie Monster plays the Gollum-like Monster Gobble, who loses his precious cookie recipe and must remember the ingredients. In addition to teaching delayed gratification, the video helps kids realize they can create strategies, likes rhymes, to help them remember things.

I love when Monster Gobble’s alter ego tries to get him to eat the ingredients: “Just eat the chippies!” Maybe I’m just itching for anything Middle Earth related before the next Hobbit movie comes out on Friday, but I loved this.

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'Lord of the Crumbs': Sesame Street's parody teaches kids delayed gratification
Cookie Monster, aka Monster Gobble, has to delay eating the delicious ingredients until he can remember everything that goes into his “me precious” cookies.