A few weeks ago, I mentioned Jamie Oliver’s campaign to get schools to choose plain milk. The flavored milk served in most schools contains just as much sugar as soda, and that’s not good for the health of our kids.

The second season of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” is airing now, and this year, he’s tackling the food problems of Los Angeles. When he was filming in the city, he was banned by the former superintendent from going into schools.

The city has a new superintendent, John Deasy, and Deasy joined Oliver on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to announce that he will recommend to the board of education that flavored milk be eliminated from the district.

This isn’t a done deal by any means. The Slow Cook blog this morning discusses the scare tactics the dairy industry has been using lately to keep flavored milk in schools.

Faced with a cultural shift away from milk in favor of drinking sodas, the U.S. dairy industry has pulled out all the stops to scare parents and school food service directors into believing that kids will collapse in a heap of rickets and osteoporosis unless they have access to milk tarted up with sugar.
It’s not just students’ health that the industry says will be affected. They try to scare the schools by telling district officials that their food budgets will be cut if they don’t offer flavored milk.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Los Angeles schools may eliminate flavored milk
New superintendent of L.A. schools tells Jamie Oliver on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' that he wants the district to stop serving flavored milk.