If you’ve always wanted to start off your morning with chunks of decadent dark chocolate and creamy coconut — without feeling guilty about eating dessert for breakfast — go to the store now and pick up a box of Love Crunch.

This latest granola concoction from organic food company Nature’s Path is now my favorite cereal! We’re talking dark, organic chocolate chunks, coconut goodness, and sweetly tart berries — all mixed with my former favorite Nature’s Path breakfast — the flax granola.

That means you get the Omega-3s from the flax as well as the fiber from rolled oats — plus the antioxidants from the chocolate and berries!

Now, I know the cereal actually sounds like a dessert — and that health-conscious readers are going to be skeptical about starting the day with generous chunks of chocolate, organic or not. But the cereal’s actually full of flavor without being cloyingly sweet or rich. I was pleasantly surprised to see the nutritional profile: A 3/4-cup serving’s got 260 calories, 4 grams of fiber, and 10 grams of sugar. The fat content’s a little higher at 9 grams, likely due to the coconut and flax. Still, the delicious dish was definitely worth it — and the good fats and fiber kept me full.

Each box of Love Crunch sold sends $1 (up to $25,000) to Whole Foods’ nonprofit Whole Planet Foundation, which gives small loans to women in developing countries who want to finance self-employment projects.

Sadly, Love Crunch is a limited-edition cereal — which means if you want to try the chocolatey-crunchy goodness, you’ve got to get it now! They’re currently on sale at Whole Foods at $6 for 2 boxes. I’m planning to stock up.

Love Crunch: Organic granola for Valentine's Day
The latest organic flax granola from Nature's Path features chunks of dark chocolate, delicious coconut, and sweetly tart berries.