Several months ago, my husband and I ate a delicious four-course meal at a little Asian restaurant in a nice part of town. After enjoying a variety of flavorful dishes, a bowl of fruit was put in front of us for dessert and the owner of the restaurant explained to us how to peel and enjoy them. After a satisfying meal, that fruit was the perfect end of the meal.


On one of our recent trips to the Asian market in town, I noticed a similar fruit and dropped a bag of them into my cart. They were only $2 a bag, and I remembered how sweet that fruit was at the restaurant.


When I got home, I looked up the fruit and discovered they were lychees. They have a prickly outer rind that you peel, and inside is a delicious, super-sweet flesh and pit. Granted, the fruit sort of looks like an eyeball when peeled (Halloween idea?), but it has a very unique floral undertone that makes it very delicious. It is sweet, but with its complex undertones of floral, it is addictive. My parents happened to visit us when we still had some left, and they also enjoyed them.


Lychees are now been grown in several different states in the U.S., but they are native to China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. The lychee has been cultivated since 2000 BC in China where it was considered a delicacy. A good source of vitamin C, and other nutrients, it  is a delightful, yet nutritious way to end a meal or just to enjoy as a snack. Plus, fruit is hydrating, so it's is an excellent choice during the heat of summer.


While I know lychees are a little unusual still in America, if you come across them, I'd encourage you to try them! They are delicious.


Meanwhile, I'd love to hear from you! Have you tried any unusual fruits this summer?


Lychee: A fruit worth serving for dessert
In these hot days, fruit makes a delicious dessert and lychees are a wonderful choice.