One of the best sources for coupons for natural and organic products that I've found is Mambo Sprouts. Their seasonal coupon book can be found in stores or you can have it delivered directly to your home.

Mambo Sprouts also has a great website with coupon offers on it. Now, there will be more coupons available online. The paper coupon booklet is now available as a digital book.

The new Mambo Sprouts E-Messenger is a 34-page digital publication that has coupons and several articles of interest to those who live the green life. In the E-Messenger, you'll find coupons for products like Dagoba chocolate or Organic Valley yogurt. You'll also find articles like the one that has ideas for projects to do every day of the week (including a link back to one of our articles here on MNN about how to build a rain barrel) and several recipes.

Mambo Sprouts changes coupons and content frequently. A great way to keep up with what they've got going on is to follow them on Twitter or on Facebook.

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Mambo Sprouts coupon book goes digital
E-coupons for natural and organic products plus lots of extras.