For Martha Stewart, it's goodbye Hallmark Channel, hello PBS. 


The 70-year-old TV personality and media mogul will be leaving behind her daily talk show on the Hallmark Channel and returning this fall with a new weekly cooking series on PBS. Titled "Martha Stewart's Cooking School," the program will feature Stewart as host, educator and chef — giving new and experienced chefs a chance to revisit the roots of great cooking. 


"PBS is the perfect home for this series," Stewart said in a statement. "We'll show viewers how to prepare classic dishes as well as how to use proper techniques. This new series combines so many of my passions: teaching and encouraging others," said Stewart. "We will break down classic recipes for home cooks and inspire them to add their unique twist. I'm excited to get into the kitchen and connect with audiences across the nation."


After teaching foundation lessons (such as roasting, poaching, braising and blanching), Stewart will reportedly take viewers step-by-step through basics such as creating the perfect pot roast, how to pan saute an entire fish, and how to make stocks. 


As someone who is committed to ending factory farming in America, and increasing good nutrition, we can likely expect Stewart to inject some of these themes into "Cooking School." According to the New York Times, "85 percent of the country’s 347 PBS stations have committed to carrying season one of the series."


Look for it this fall. 

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Martha Stewart brings cooking show to PBS
Weekly series will teach new chefs classic recipes and techniques for refining their impact in the kitchen.