New food maker UNREAL is on a mission to give consumers an alternative to the traditional "junk food" found in supermarket aisle - and replace it with something that's all-natural and better for you. 


The young company is focusing on candy first, dropping the "corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, GMOs, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives" found in the regular brands and adding “real cane sugar, real milk, more peanuts, and more cacao.”


The company has already infiltrated the market - showing up in over 22,000 stores like CVS and Walgreens - but a new celebrity-filled video released this week is the start of its official marketing to the Internet. With the biggest candy day of the year (Halloween) right around the corner, it's also a wise push for healthier handouts to trick or treaters. 


“UNREAL has done it with candy. And if they can do it with candy, we can do it with anything,” comments Dr. Mark Hyman, Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine. Very true - in fact, UNREAL has big plans to infiltrate snacks, breakfast foods and soda in the future; so get ready for some healthier options across the board. 


For now, either pick up some of the candy yourself (which has been receiving mostly positive reviews in taste tests) or check out the video on the company below. Credit goes to whatever marketing firm they chose to produce it, since it managed to somehow capture my attention for longer than four minutes. Celebrity appearances endorsing the product include Gisele, her husband Tom Brady, Matt Damon, John Legend, and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.



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Matt Damon, Gisele back UNREAL natural candy
New company wants to reinvent the candy business with 'real cane sugar, real milk, more peanuts, and more cacao.'