When is the last time you were excited about a Food Network show? Author Allen Salkin recently published the book “From Scratch: Inside the Food Network,” a history of the network from its beginning to present day. The book includes information on the network’s biggest stars from the early days when Julia Child apparently lorded over the network’s early stars to the very recent Paula Deen controversy, and it may also give some insight as to why many viewers have lost interest.

Salkin was recently on MSNBC's Morning Joe, promoting the book and talking about why the network is at a crossroads.

I’ve lost most of my interest in what goes on at Food Network. When Salkin mentioned that the network helped to raise the food literacy of people in America but it now isn’t programming for those who are more food literate, I think he hit the nail on the head for me. I’m more interested in shows like PBS’ “A Chef’s Life” or watching old episodes of Julia Child or Alton Brown to improve my cooking technique.

What shows on Food Network, if any, are you still watching with interest?

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Maybe this is why you’ve stopped watching Food Network
The author of the new book “From Scratch: Inside the Food Network” explains why the Food Network has lost many viewers’ interest.