Paul McCartney, former Beatle, current British knight, is going meat-free one day a week and encouraging others to do the same. Earlier this week he launched a Meat Free Monday campaign with a little help from his friends.

Yoko Ono, Cheryl Crow, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Moby, Kate Bosworth, Kelly Osbourne, and McCartney’s children James, Stella and Mary were all on hand when Sir Paul unveiled “a food campaign to encourage the nation to help slow climate change by reducing their meat consumption by having at least one meat-free day a week.”

The Meat Free Monday website has ideas on how to help the planet and vegetarian recipes for use on Monday nights. The concept of a meat-free or meatless Monday is certainly nothing new. The Meatless Monday website has been around for a while, many food bloggers post recipes for meatless Mondays, and the city of Ghent, Belgium, encouraged its residents to go meatless once a week earlier this year.

You can hear McCartney’s viewpoint on going meat-free one day a week in the following video.

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McCartney launches Meat Free Monday
Sir Paul, with a little help from his friends, launches a Meat Free Monday campaign for the U.K.