I remember the promo glasses we had when I was kid. I particularly liked the ones that had the Peanuts characters on them that had once held jelly in them. So I could sympathize with my son when he saw a Shrek glass from McDonalds at one of our friend’s houses and said he wanted one. I gave him my one word answer that I give when anything fast food is mentioned, “No.”

I’m glad I didn’t go buy him one of the glasses because if I had, I’d have to make a trip back to McDonalds and return it. The promotional glasses, which cost $2 a piece, are expected to officially be recalled later today. According to the Los Angeles Times, federal regulators found that the glasses are tainted with cadmium, a toxic metal known to be a carcinogen.

The cadmium was not discovered by McDonalds but by an anonymous source that tipped off Congresswoman Jackie Speier. She brought it to the attention of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The glasses were tested and cadmium was found in the paint used to decorate the glasses.

McDonald’s claims it did not know about the cadmium in the glasses and is voluntarily recalling the items.

If you have McDonald’s Shrek promotional glasses, stop using them immediately, keep them away from children, and return them to McDonald’s for a full refund. 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

McDonald's recalls Shrek glasses
12 million glasses are tainted with the toxic metal cadmium.