The Non-GMO Project is a third-party certification organization that verifies that foods don’t contain genetically engineered (GE) or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). You’ll see their verification label on foods like Annie’s Organic Graham Crackers, some Kashi products, much to the frustration of Earth Matters blogger Shea Gunther, Himilania Rock Pink Salt, and many other products you’ll find in the grocery store.

Up until now, though, you wouldn’t find the label on meat, but that’s about to change. The United States Department of Agriculture has given the go-ahead for the Non-GMO Project to put its third-party label on meat and liquid egg products, according to The New York Times.

Don’t mistake this for the government calling for foods that contain genetically modified ingredients to labeled as such. This is simply the USDA saying that a third party, after appropriate testing and being paid to do so, can put their label on foods that meet the Non-GMO Project verification process requirements.

Keep an eye in your grocer’s meat case for the label. It may show up on products that are organic (USDA certified organic foods are not allowed to contain GMOs), but it also may show up on products that aren’t certified organic.

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Meat can now be labeled Non-GMO
The Non-GMO Project received USDA approval to label meat from animals fed a diet that didn’t contain genetically modified ingredients as Non-GMO.