Before this year, if you thought about hybrid foods, you probably thought about fruits or vegetables that were created from cross-breeding plants like a grapefruit that’s a hybrid of a pomelo and a sweet orange. After this year, you’re more likely to think of a hybrid food as a mash-up of two popular treats that became one, often with a portmanteau or blended name.

2014 was the year of the hybrid dessert, spawned by the success the year before of a croissant-donut hybrid that people couldn’t get enough of. Find out more about the treat that started the hybrid dessert craze and seven others that people are lining up for.

  1. Cronut. If there’s one hybrid dessert you’ve heard of, it’s probably the Cronut, a croissant-donut hybrid from the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City. People start lining up at the bakery about an hour before it opens, and the bakery places a two-Cronut limit per customer. It’s only been around since mid-2013, so it wasn’t the first hybrid dessert ever created, but it’s the one that started the current trend to find the next big hybrid.
  2. cookie shot filled with milkCookie Shot. After the success of the Cronut, Ansel had another hit on his hands with the Cookie Shot, which he developed for the South by Southwest festival. A chocolate chip cookie is turned is baked into the shape of a shot glass and filled with vanilla-infused organic milk.
  3. Brooksters. Can’t decide if you want a brownie or a chocolate chip cookie? You don’t have to make the decision if you choose one of Baked’s Brooksters. The bakery in New York City bakes a chocolate chunk cookie inside a brownie tart-like shell. They’re so popular that Williams Sonoma sold a bake-your-own version of Brooksters.
  4. Townie. Beas of Bloomsbury in England was challenged to create a hybrid dessert after the success of the Cronut. The Townie is a cross between a tart and a brownie. A crispy tart shell is filled with a lightly underdone brownie filling and a fudge coating on top.
  5. Duffins. The townie wasn’t Beas of Bloomsbury’s first hybrid treat. The Duffin, a cross between a donut and a muffin, came first. A Duffin is a baked donut/muffin that’s filled with raspberry jam. It’s then dipped in butter and rolled in sugar.
  6. Mallomac. A chocolate-coated marshmallow is a Mallomar. A macaron is a French meringue sandwich cookie. When you combine the two you get the Mallomac from Dana’s Bakery in New York City. A brown sugar meringue cookie and a marshmallow are coated with a chocolate shell.
  7. wonut a waffle donutWonut. A waffle/donut mashup out of Chicago, the Wonut is a fried waffle with sugar and frosting. It comes in various flavors like apple fritter, red velvet and Mexican chocolate.
  8. Ice cream cupcake. Here's a hybrid dessert you won’t have to travel to a major city to enjoy. You can make it yourself. Cake and ice cream are a winning combination. The ice cream cupcake truly combines the two by putting an ice cream filling inside a cupcake. How does this work since you can’t bake the ice cream into the cupcake? After baking, a cupcake corer removes the center of the cupcake, the ice cream is placed inside, frosted over. They’re kept in the freezer until it’s time to serve.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Meet the Cronut and 7 other hybrid desserts
Maybe you’re aware of the croissant-donut mash-up, but have you heard of the Townie or the Mallomac?