If you haven’t gotten to see the movie Julie & Julia yet staring Meryl Streep as Julia Child and Amy Adams as Julie Powell, the writer who blogged her way through Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, get to the theaters this weekend. It’s a thoughtful, entertaining, and often laugh-out-loud funny look at two women whose lives were changed by food, cooking and writing. You’ll leave the theater entertained, inspired and perhaps a little surprised at Julia Child’s love life.

It’s almost unnecessary to say that Meryl Streep does a fantastic job of playing Julia Child. Of course she does; she’s Meryl Streep. But can she cook?

The actress confesses in Glamour that she is a terrible cook. Her favorite thing to make for dinner? Reservations. But she did learn from playing Julia Child in the movie that no matter how her dishes turn out, she should never apologize and never make excuses. That’s something I took away from the movie, too.

She says, however, that she knows how to make a chicken last all workweek because she takes “a special pleasure in thrift,” a talent she got from her father. Streep suggests starting with an organic chicken with no growth hormones or antibiotics added – good suggestion. Using Julia Child’s Tarragon Chicken recipe that calls for a three-pound roasting chicken, Streep can use the remains from the chicken to make four separate meals.

What dishes does she make with the chicken?

Now, this is coming from Glamour and not a cooking magazine, so we’ll just have to overlook the fact that two of these recipes don’t actually use chicken meat – they use chicken stock that I assume you make from the carcass of the Tarragon Chicken.

The Glamour piece also includes a Guacamole recipe from Amy Adams, and 10-minute Spaghetti Dinner recipe from the film’s director, Nora Ephron. Ephron is known for her culinary skills — perhaps she’s the one who should have given us a week’s worth of chicken recipes. 

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Meryl Streep stretches Julia Child's chicken
Meryl Streep plays Julia Child in her latest movie. She shares her thoughts on cooking and her way to stretch a chicken (kind of).