Today, the first lady held a press conference to introduce the FDA’s proposed changes to the nutrition labels on food packaging. Michelle Obama announced that the FDA is opening up the public comments on two possible designs. The changes are being made, in part, because a lot has changed in what we’ve learned about nutrition in the past 20 years when the nutrition labels were first introduced.

Whichever design is chosen, the most prominent changes will be useful to consumers.

  • The calorie count will be larger and bolded.
  • Serving sizes will be adjusted on some packaging to reflect how people really consume the product. For example, a 20 oz. soda that most people consume as one serving will no be labeled as one serving.
  • Added sugars will now be labeled as such so consumers can differentiate between products that naturally have sugar in them and those that add the sweetener.

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Michelle Obama unveils nutrition label of the future
The FDA is opening up public comments for reaction to two possible nutrition labels. One will replace the label we’ve been looking at for 20 years.