I recently wrote about some popular food magazines that I like. But there are a wide variety of magazines that are lesser known, but no less quality. Modern Farmer is a new magazine that focuses on farm-to-table eating and manages to appeal to someone simply interested in good food, as well as those producing good food.

A recent edition featured goats, and one title caught my eye immediately, Why Goats Feasting on Rats Urine Makes Sense. It is these types of articles that appeals to someone such as myself (as a non-farmer foodie), but that also appeal to those up to their neck in the everyday running of a farm.

Their food section is full of interesting and thought provoking stories as well, such as Do’s and Dont’s: Farmers Market Etiquette, an article on eating road kill, and eating rabbit liver. (Can you tell this isn’t a magazine for the faint of soul?) But this magazine also features worthy news stories, including articles discussing bee thefts, fish farms contributing to rising sea levels, and news on raw milk court cases.

What I like about it is how they cover a wide variety of aspects on how food and our lives intersect. It’s not just about what is on our plate, but where it came from, the problems our farmers face (and possible solutions for them), the political issues regarding our food and farming, and more.

Sometimes we think that food is so simple. But it’s not. It’s complicated and I think that this magazine does a good job showing the complicated relationship we have with food in a positive way.

Check out their magazine and website here. 

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This diverse magazine covers it all. When discussing goats, topics covered included recipes, raising them, their manure and more.